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Thrixspermum odoratum – a new orchid discovery in Hainan Island!!

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It is published in Ann. Bot Fennici 46: 595 -598 on the 18th December 2009 that Thrixspermum odoratum an epiphytic orchid with reputed to emit a strong jasmine fragrance is found in the tropical rain forest of Hainan Island, China.

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The unique mouse pollination in an orchid species

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Never think that this would happen? It happens. Yong Wang, Yang Zhang, Xiao-Kai Ma & Li Dong from China have published a paper on the unique pollination in Cymbidium serratum by Rattus fulvescens in April 08. The flowers use both odor and colour as attractants, and provide labellum as food reward for the pollinators. The mice pollinate the flowers during their endeavour to eat the labellums.

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