Doritis natmataungensis, a new species found in Myanmar!

Are news species related to Phalaenopsis being discovered till today?

YES !!! One very desirable new doritis species from Myanmar is recently described in March 2010 by T. Yukawa, Nb. Tanaka & J. Murata.

It is related to Phalaenopsis stobartiana (滇西蝴蝶兰). Doritis natmataungensis has flowers that opening widely, sepals and petals apple-green to dark olive-green with closely veined lines, lip with a tinge of rose colour.

Link to the pictures of this beautiful flowers and plant!
Photos of the plant and flowers of Doritis natmataungensis

For the full article, please refer to Acta Phytotax. Geobot. 60(3): 167 ( – 170; fig. 1-3). 2010 [Mar 2010] .


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