Cattleya dowiana

Cattleya dowiana is one of the most beautiful, desirable and sought after cattleya since its discovery in the 1850. Cattleya dowiana is the only cattleya in the big cattleya flower category that produces flowers with a various hues of yellow. This cattleya has a nice fragrance.

There are still on going debates on whether the Cattleya aurea from the Colombia is a species itself or it is dowiana, but base on observation there are not many distinctive traits to warrant it as a species itself.

Cattleya dowiana does do well in Singapore. But the roots should be allow to dry before the next watering. Good air movement is esential for the good health of Cattleya dowiana.


The flower


Cattleya dowiana


3 Responses to “Cattleya dowiana”

  1. hazellina Says:

    Hi, I love your you offer cuttings for sale?

  2. hazellina Says:

    Hi do you offer cuttings of your catts for sale? They ate too pretty.

    • orchideae Says:

      Sorry. I do not have any for sale. You can get cattleya sp or hybrids from song orchid or woon leng or buy from the vendoŕs fr overseas in the next SGF.

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