Dendrobium Sp. Sabah

This dendrobium does very well in Singapore semi shade conditions.

Peter O Bryne has indicated that this pale yellow dendrobium resembles Dendrobium endertii J.J.Sm. of the Calcarifera Section. Personally I find that this dendrobium resembles Dendrobium serena-alexianum. The flowers are approximately 4cm long, 3 cm wide. Seem like this section is hard to identified and kind of confusing.

It is rumoured that Jeff Wood & Tony Lamb are publishing it in a forthcoming edition of Malesian Orchid Journal.


Dimension of the flower.


Dimension of the flower.


Side profile of the flower


The flower.


The plant.


8 Responses to “Dendrobium Sp. Sabah”

  1. Hello. I’am interest with your article about Dendrobium sp. sabah which You think is close to D. serena-alexianum. Can you explain about the differences between your Dendrobium sp with D.serena-alexianum, except from their colour? Many Thanks

    • orchideae Says:

      Hi Ryos … hahah i was thinking it is serena-alexianum was trying to compare with line drawings in Malesian Orchid Journal vol2. but the drawings are kind of confusing the only thing i believe a bit diff may be at the lip.. i may ned to dissect the flowers for a closer examination when it bloom again..

  2. Hi Orchideae, actually I have the same plant like yours…but in another colour combination. I have a line drawing for my plant, and I desire to compare with D.serena-alexianum line drawing. Would you like to share D.serena-alexianum line drawing photos in this web page. It will be easier to us to compare both of them, then we can do a little discussion maybe. Thanks ^^

  3. my email is, Thanks^^

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