Musa acuminata x balbisiana, celebration of cultivation for a century in Singapore!

Musa- banana has comes a long way in history in our food chain , colorful folk lores and of course it has been a landscape plant in Asia for a long time.


In 1909 it is already considered as a tropical marvel to the world.

Musa paradisiaca (Musa x paradisiaca) was the first Linnean name given to a banana in 1753 and is therefore technically the “type species” for the genus Musa. Musa sapientum (Musa x sapientum) is another Musa, which Linnaeus named in 1759. Ernest Cheesman thought that Musa sapientum was a hybrid between Musa acuminata and Musa balbisiana. When it was later realized that Musa paradisiaca was also a hybrid between Musa acuminata and Musa balbisiana. More usage of Musa x paradisiaca is emphasized that they are just complex hybrids of these 2 species. The presumed origin of the parthenocarpic and seedless condition of Musa X paradisiaca was in Malaya or rumored to be perhaps in Singapore!!

To see Musa x paradisiaca in life, one can visit the Singapore Botanic Gardens / Jacob Ballas Children’s Garden and if lucky would be able to see its in full fruiting glorious.


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