Cleisostoma odoratum

I was flipping the Malaesian Orchid Journal Vol 4 2009, when I came across this article on the Cleisostoma odoratum. I then realized that it was a plant grown by a friend of mine in Malaysia. As what Peter has mentioned, my friend who is an orchid enthusiast has been growing this plant for many many years before it reach the specimen size (almost like a grown vanda!!!!) then. One can see the magnificent of the plant as shown in the following photos, which I have taken in Jun 07 when I visited his garden.

This species has only been collected twice once in 1893 at Maxwell Hill and the second time which was collected by my friend.

The plant is growing in filtered light with a very cool growing environment. The plant was in bloomed with approximately hundreds of flowers of approximately 1cm; light fragrance was detected when I took the photos then.

Peter has indicated in his article that this cultivated plant may no longer in existence due to a misguided action by a local conservation group in the Cameron Highlands. Most probably this magnificent plant may not be in existence any more is a very sad case, if it is true.

The magnificent plant in full bloom in 07.

Close up on the sprays of flowers.

Close up of the flower.

Another close up shot of the flower


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