Myco-heterotrophic Orchids relationship with Fungi unveiled

In the past a lot of, non-photosynthetic orchids were mistakenly thought to get food by breaking down organic matter in a manner similar to saprotrophic fungi. These orchids were then known to be saprophytes. It is now known that no non-photosynthetic orchids are capable of breaking down organic matters on their own and in order to get the nutrients, example like the orchids featured in this article engage in parasitism, through myco-heterotrophy. Myco-heterotrophic orchids gets all or part of its food from parasitism upon fungi rather than from photosynthesis.

ScienceDaily (Aug. 22, 2009) reported that three Thai orchids ( Aphyllorchis montana, Aphyllorchis caudata Cephalanthera exigua have been found to rely on a wide range of fungi to help them take carbon out of the soil instead of producing their own organic carbon.

For full report please go to:

For provisional finding’s pdf:-


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