How to mount a Schoenorchis fragans

When you happen to to come across small ephyphtic orchids and you are not sure how to grow them ?  One simple and effective method is to mount them onto a small piece of log or drift wood.

The following materials would be required for this little operation:-

1. A small piece of driftwood

2. A pinch of sphagnum moss

3. Twist wire

4. A pair of scissors(if you are not used to using the cutter that comes with the twist wire)


Then you can put a pinch of sphagnum moss on the drift wood.


Next you can put the schoenorchis on top of the  pinch of sphag moss, align and tie the schoenorchis  firmly onto the drift wood with twist wire.


And trims off excess twist wire and the operation is completed!!


Thanks again to Elson and Keith for these delightful plants.


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